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With the federal health care law and agencies like the EPA and the FCC attempting to exercise unprecedented control over the American people, the Obama Administration and its allies in Congress are ignoring federal laws, disregarding federal courts, and violating the Constitution to achieve their goal of concentrating power in Washington — and they are doing it at the expense of American citizens and their liberty.

Without enough lawmakers in Washington devoted to protecting the rule of law to stop the federal government's liberty-stealing power grab, the battle has to be waged in an unprecedented way: from the states — just as our Founding Fathers intended.

One man who is leading the charge is Ken Cuccinelli, the first state attorney general to argue in federal court against the federal health care law and an unapologetic defender of the Constitution. The Last Line of Defense provides a behind-the-scenes, plain-spoken account of the myriad of legal battles in which our states are pushing back against federal abuses of power. The book is an important read for those — regardless of political affiliation — who are concerned about the federal government's recent trend of routinely disregarding federal law to force Americans to do its will.

“Ken has been a key leader nationally in the fight against unconstitutional overreaches of the federal government. He has been a true and consistent champion of liberty.” — Rand Paul

The book details the takeover of health care through the federal health care law, as well as agencies like the EPA illegally creating its own cap-and-trade scheme when Congress wouldn't pass one, the FCC attempting to regulate the Internet in defiance of a federal court order, and the National Labor Relations Board suing companies to discourage them from moving to right-to-work states where union membership is not required to get a job.

The Last Line of Defense is especially timely as Mr. Cuccinelli warns that presidents often save their most controversial proposals for a second term when they are not concerned about reelection. He says not only are we likely to see more disregard for the law, but we are in for a “regulatory cliff” that promises to hit Americans at the expense of their jobs, their wallets, and their liberty. The regulatory cliff is a term some use to describe the slew of new Obama agency regulations that were put on hold during the election year and are waiting to be implemented now that the president has won a second term.

Coming off a recent win against the EPA, Mr. Cuccinelli recounts the legal battles he and other attorneys general have been waging from the states, the media bias in the coverage of those battles, and the often absurd and contradictory legal arguments of the federal government.

He also discusses our founding principles, the Constitution, and why we are at a turning point where limiting government's size and power is critically important to preserving our liberty. It is a wake-up call for Americans who have been conditioned for five generations that bigger government is better government.

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About the Author

KEN CUCCINELLI became attorney general of Virginia in 2010 and serves as the attorney for the government of the commonwealth and its agencies, providing them with legal advice and representing them in legal matters.

Besides the typical duties of representing the commonwealth, prosecuting sexual predators and those who commit fraud, and protecting the elderly and the incapacitated from abuse and neglect, he has been a leader in the fight against the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government.

He has also been a champion for property rights, helping to write and advocate for a state constitutional amendment to dramatically curb the state's eminent domain power, so government can no longer take land from one private owner and give it to another merely for the purpose of increasing tax revenues, economic development, or private gain.

Prior to serving as attorney general, he served in the Senate of Virginia from 2002 to 2010. As a state senator and private attorney, he worked to improve the commonwealth's mental health system, getting legislation passed that provided for more humane treatment of the mentally ill.

As a senator, he also worked to make government more transparent and accountable to its citizens by fighting for a law to put the state's detailed budget online in a format that citizens could easily understand.

Known throughout his political career for holding both Republicans and Democrats to the principles of limited government, his fidelity to our founding principles and to the Constitution comes before party or politics.

He is running for governor of Virginia in 2013.

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BRIAN GOTTSTEIN is a public relations professional, a former newspaper columnist for the Roanoke Times and the Roanoke Star-Sentinel, and the creator and former host of Virginia’s first statewide syndicated political talk radio show, Freedom & Prosperity Radio. He is the communication director for the attorney general’s office, although he co-authored The Last Line of Defense outside the office and not in his official capacity.